Make The Ferrari Connection

You love your Ferrari cars, but short of owning it, you feel disconnected to the wider community?

There are so many ways to meet people who love Ferraris as much as you do! Joining online communities, for example, where on places such as Facebook, you can interact with tens of thousands of other people who have the same passion as yourself for these amazing Italian crafted driving machines!

You can simply find people by joining online social groups as Ferrari’s official pages, but you also need to consider the vast amount of other opportunities out there. For example, the official Scuderia Ferrari Club has over 72,000 members globally. If you are looking at a local level, then you can find localised groups of fans that are tight-knit and welcoming to new members, and are no speck in the ocean.

In addition, there is also the opportunity to enjoy local face to face meet-ups, where Ferrari lovers can get together, show their car to fellow enthusiasts, and talk forever and a day about all of the changes that they’ve seen across the Ferrari range\models over their proud history. Many clubs have full-day long events which involve a shared community drive to a set location, a chat beside their cars, and then they are off to a special lunch or dinner event.

It’s all a rather interesting way to share your passion for these beautiful cars, and we thoroughly recommend that you attend some of these events or go online and speak with your fellow enthusiasts.

The great thing is that with the expanse of the Ferrari brand, their involvement in motor racing, especially in F1, and with the visual brilliance of the cars themselves, you will never ever have a problem with finding a friend to discuss your car with! We hope you enjoy your Ferrari social experience!


Car And Truck Accessories

Owners of automobiles and trucks are always going to be in search of something better with their respective vehicles. It could be parts, colours or basic features/add-ons. In this case, both are generally looking for the latest accessories. It depends which way you want to go for either a truck or automobile.

Sometimes, when they purchase a car or truck, they prefer to have it already customised with their choice of accessories. Whereas there are others who prefer their vehicles prior to being customised so they have the option do it all themselves.delhi-car-accessories

Windshield covers, floor mats, sun shades, and liners are examples of interior auto and truck accessories. Exterior accessories, on the other hand, include emergency lights, tonneau covers, billet grilles, rocker panels, and bull bars.

You also need to remember a few other things. Both types of accessories are fairly costly and they are unlikely to suit your financial needs if you are looking to save. So make sure you prioritise the important things, or the necessities that you cannot do without for whatever the reason may be.

And remember to avoid just choosing an accessory because it looks good as it may be something you eventually regret purchasing. Just get what you need and if something expensive is a necessity, get it. It’ll be worthwhile but just don’t go overboard with the pricey purchases.

Our final point is to look for the best accessories for safety and performance. If it enhances the look of your automobile or truck then that is an option well worth considering!

The best thing to do when choosing auto and truck accessories for your vehicle is to prepare a list of the accessories you need ahead of time. This way, once you get to the auto and truck shop, your list is ready and all the accessories you need will be yours for the taking!

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Fuel Efficiency In Automobiles

With rising costs for fuel there is nothing better than a fuel efficient automobile. For every bit of fuel it saves, another dollar is effectively going into your wallet.

Cost-effectiveness is one of today’s biggest focuses with the rising cost of almost everything and therefore this type of technology is fast receiving acceptance and approval where day-to-day driving is considered.

Hybrid technology is relatively cheap and easy to put together because it stems from the production of hydrogen from water and burning the hydrogen-gasoline (diesel). The reaction is basically, water. This is why it is cheap and effective. Consumers love it! It can be installed in any automobile ranging from specialised ones such as use fuel injection system, turbo charged systems, gasoline engines, diesel engines, cars (including vintage types), SUVs and trucks, big rigs, etc.

In addition, it doesn’t matter how old the engine is. Whether new or old and worn, the engine will respond well to the installation of hydrogen and it will increase the overall performance of the automobile because the fuel economy is very strong.

It will be able to provide efficient fuel consumption by burning less while at the same time promoting durability with efficient litres per kilometre.

This is not only a welcome innovation it is a breakthrough technology where fuel economy, improved engine performance, more savings on gas bills, increased mileage per gallon covered and protection of the environment are all considered and achieved.

The beauty to all of this is in the fact that it is a technology that can be fully implemented by the average individual, easy to install and maintain and works on all vehicle types.

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5 Interesting Facts About Automobiles And Their History

The motor vehicle has come a long way in its design since 1886 particularly given the change in social views. We take a look at the transition from horse-drawn carriages to what we now know as the true automobile.

The First Car:

According to reports, the first car was a toy built to amuse those in the Chchinese-empire-carinese Empire. Little did they know what Ferdinand Verbiest had actually created, foreshadowing the future in the process. The first car capable of carrying a passenger was developed during the late 1800s and all of the cars were steam powered. How things have changed!

Car Ignition Systems:

Siegfried Marcus developed the first car ignition system and those parts are currently still used today. With all of the technological advancements in recent times it is quite incredible that his ideas from over 130 years ago are still in place in the modern vehicle.

The Studebaker Brothers:

The Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company established themselves as one of the best at moving from wagons to automobiles for up to 50 years. Their last partnership with Packard was eventually rescinded due to their financial woes and the company went under soon after.

The Hybrid Car:

The first hybrid car hit America during 1999 and despite the fuss, it wasn’t preferred by consumers over the efficiency and economy of the gas-powered vehicles. The Toyota Prius was a little more successful but the formation of the hybrid vehicles was happening from 1665 to 2000.

Vehicle Awards:

Having annual awards and competitions is a necessity because it allows us to see where we may be heading for the future.

So many minds have been involved in the creation of the automobile over the past couple of hundred years and we can thank those innovations for what we have in this day and age!